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itsalexclark responds:

I can't be sexist - I love women too much! men would be nothing without them.

This is excellent.

The writing reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, the art reminds me of Super Jail. I loved how serious things got when they were talking about their Morphemons, and the music was awesome. The timing is pretty much perfect given the rampant nostalgia for Pokemon right now. I would watch this on TV. Keep going. IT RULED.

Also I want to be one of your voice actors.


I think your own summary of the work seems to say it all. It's good that you recognize the flaws and it seems to me you're willing to keep going at it to improve your body of work. So yeah the animation wasn't thrilling, but it's a necessary stepping stone, and your modesty is admirable. Good job!

And the candy monster was very cool.

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Not the worst game...

...But this definitely needs work. Think of upping the contrast for the background, it's a little harder to see some enemies than if it were dark gray for example. You'd also be pretty surprised how far good sound design goes. If you had a cooler sound for the tank firing its weapon this game would already be more fun than it is. I think this is a sincere try at a good game. Good luck!

I hate to say this

But I love guessing games.
It would a lot of hard work, but if you somehow made an animal guessing game then you'd pretty much be the master of the universe in my opinion. But I know how much time that would involve.

In the meantime, this was a fun game with no real flaws.
I might say adding a few more things to make it feel more like a game (like winning and losing, and fun ADD buttons)...but I honestly don't feel any of those things are truly necessary.

uglyslug responds:

I think I love you.

What do you mean by "An animal guessing game"? Please explain.

Thanks for the the wonderful review!

Needs work.

I like this game because it is pretty polished, but I feel it would be a lot more fun if the sheep move faster on the screen. This way you might also incorporate enemies, because right now it isn't much of a challenge.

kokodigital responds:

A very honest review here which we very much appreciate so thanks, with regards to the use of enemies, we did toy with the idea of having something like that but decided that due to the nature of the game and who it is for, we wanted to try and stay away from any negatives on the game.

We did try our best to comprimise with the inclusion of useful and not-so-useful bonus items. When Lamb Chop shrinks, getting the stars is more difficult. The same is true when he rotates 180 degrees and the controls are reversed.

Maybe next time we will have some enemies in the game but just for this one, we wanted to keep everything very cheery and positive. Once again thanks a million for your comments Justinian, we really do appreciate them and I hope that the lack of baddies does not put you off too much.

Thanks, The Koko Team

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